COLOR LOGIC GAMING / CLG / is a company oriented towards manufacturing Slot Games. The company is established in year 2006. The main asset are in the development of classical 2D Slot gambling games. Our clients can order from us games, which meet their visual and gameplay specifications, or to seek our complete projects.



Since 2012, due to the great demand for ready products, our company started development of it's own slot games. Those games will have HD image quality and will be available both for Online / Mobile Devices and Land-Based casinos. CLG offers you a range of choices for completed slot games without exclusivity.


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5 Fruits In Flames

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


King's Fruits

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Slot Deluxe

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Queen Of Scarabs

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.

7 Diamonds

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Bug A Boom

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Temple Of The Dragon

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Gates Of Troy

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


The Big Vacation

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Rhino's Jackpot

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Honey Money

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Princess Mystic Sign

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Triumph Of Empire

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Sister Dolls

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Rising Sun Of Incas

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Happy Lagoon

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Mighty Bonapart

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Team Revving

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Empire Garden

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Space Cash

© Color Logic Gaming Ltd.


Golden Sands Of Troy

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Rain Day

© SIGMA S.p.A.

Burning Sun

© IGM Peru S.A.C.

Burning Seven

© IGM Peru S.A.C.

Burning Bell

© IGM Peru S.A.C.

Arrow Of Robin Hood

© Digient Technologies Oy.

Belot (Bridge-belote)

© Plastik Sofia Ltd.

Captain Cash

© Magic Coin Ltd.

Hunt Hunt Hunt!

© Magic Coin Ltd.

Mighty Bear

© System Ent. Solutions S.A.C.

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ART Concept Art. Graphics & Animation. User Interface.

We can create the concept and scenario for your new slot game or multigame. The vision and style will be according to your specifications. We will suggest Themes and Logo, how the Bonus Games should be played out, the Free Spins and the Game Timing... We will produce thoughtful and quality interface to add to the player's comfort.


MATH Rules & Mathematical Design.

Math Design intended for Video Slots. You can receive statistical information about the games after a millions spins.


SOUND Music & FX.

After the looks of the game are clear, we will produce original HQ stereo sound FX for the theme. If the game is part of a Multigame we will deliver a complete interface sound FX solution.


PROGRAMING Gameplay. Software integration.

After the game's resources are ready, we can build all in a real Slot Game, adding your mathematics as well. The software development includes incorporating the scenario of the game. We advise our clients not to hurry, because the fine tuning of the gameplay is very important for the end result. You can utilize the delivered resources in your Land Based Machines as well. It is important to know that our company develops only the Slot Game, resulting in a HTML product, which the client hooks to his casino systems.




Exclusivity. The Client have the game's exclusivity, arranged by contract. Our company guarantees full contract confidentiality, but we prefer to keep the right to advertise our company as the product's author. If the client wishes to keep our involvement in the project a secret, the final price will be increased by 15%.


Timeline. Our production timeline for the creation of one CUSTOM-MADE game /all services package included/ takes from 6 to 12 weeks. This large variation in timelines exists because of the different types of games, graphic styles, complexity of the animation, software integration, etc. Our experience shows that after the second game, a good interaction between our company and our clients develops, which can decrease the development period and also can reflect on the end price of the product.


Discounts. We offer 10% discount when ordering three or more games at once, conditioning 50% advance payment. After delivery of each game, the client pays the remaining corresponding percentage.



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